“Just Out of Reach”

Recently I have been exploring ideas of somnambulism or the act of sleepwalking. This dreamlike state where cognizance and oblivion run in parallels to one another intrigues me. Like a mental twilight, things are in a suspended state of transition. This concept combined with the marionette like treatment of the central character, gives the viewer a sensation of feeling off kilter.

 Like in many of my pieces, I prefer to bring elements of my graffiti related work to the gallery. Large scale, ephemeral materials, a fast and simplistic technique, and a bit of grit and grime make up the patina that evokes this street level culture.

 This piece combines the specific architecture of the space as an element that serves as obstacle to the figure in the piece not just an incidental structure of the museum. The element of video creates a tension between the static image of this bird wrangler and the moving element of the bird in the cage. This anxiety inducing strain is repeated in the cut outs of the birds in the window above. This reveals the subtle movement of the outside world that is often so removed from inside the gallery.