General “Haffner pushes beyond the confines of early postmodernism to embrace expressionist styles from the past, ancient cultural traditions as well as pop culture sources. His narratives are fragments that compel viewer participation.  His characters are not gods or diviners, but ordinary urban residents made extraordinary through Haffner’s imagination.”                                   

- Dinah McClintock for MOCA Ga Catalog



"Like the films that inspire the look and sinister tone of his paintings, Haffner sets his works in the urban underbelly. The shady types and down-and-outers who inhabit it are his characters. His compositions suggest film stills, a moment in a narrative that the viewer must imagine for himself.

His arresting public art works are even more ambiguous. He tears the characters from their setting as well as the plot, pasting huge photographic blow-ups of the figures on the city's facades."

- Catherine Fox for Atlanta Journal Constitution