Traveling Through the Periphery a large project that I have been working on since 2014 and is coming to a head within this next year. In its final form it will be an art book of photography and an exhibition of prints selected from that book. I have been a road trip traveler since my father first took me in a borrowed Winnebago from Akron, Ohio to Key West, Florida when I was just five years old. Since then I have had countless road trips up and down the Atlantic seaboard, through Canada, into Mexico, and through the vastness of the middle of America. In 2014 my wife and I did a trial run road trip from Atlanta to Niagara Falls and back, using only backroads and towing our vintage 1961 Shasta Airflyte camper. The following summer my wife, my seven year old daughter, and myself all piled in our old Chevy van and, towing the camper again, headed out to see and being to form an understanding of the middle of this great and vast country. We traveled roughly from Atlanta to Chicago, then through Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and back through Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. We did this staying as dedicated as possible to our mission of traveling on America's back roads, old county highways, state routes, and scenic byways. The perspective we gained on the land, its people, and the act of traveling; moving through time and space, astounded us all.  

This book is itself an encapsulation of an idea. That idea is about what it means to move through a landscape and interact with the people that inhabit that space. It is a simple idea, but one that reveals itself in endlessly complex ways. The images in this book describe my perspective of these travels.