This video is a walkthrough documentation of my 2015 solo exhibition at WhiteSpace Gallery, Atlanta. 

Video Shot by Terry Kearns


Between 2 Worlds, 12x45', 2011

This video documents a temporary site specific installation that was shown at Agnes Scott College. It  was made of cut paper, paint and single channel video. It shows miniscule elements of a woman that is literally and conceptually between two very different men. The only thing these tow have left of her are these mental glimpses. This work references the loss of someone close to you and how you may remember the way they move, run their fingers though their hair or the way they smell but you cant quite remember what they look like as much as you truly desire that.

3 Minute Cinema - This is documentation of a camera obscura piece from 2011. It is a piece that has a self contained light source and a mechanical turntable with 13 different vignettes that depict urban themed flash fictions. Rotation of the turntable takes a full 3 minutes to complete and to view the work in its entirety.

This video shows the preparation and installation of Matt Haffner's 2008 wheat paste installation "Pushcart Vendors". This installation is in Atlanta's Kirkwood / Edgewood area and is a part of "A (new) Genre Landscape" temporary public art installations exhibition.

"Serial City" for Atlanta Celebrates Photography

This video is from my 2006 Atlanta wide art installation entitled "Serial City". it describes my working process, my concepts, and the work from this public art installation. this project was made possible by Atlanta Celebrates Photography. The video was shot and edited by Tube Creative.

"Street Fighter" 2009 for Le Flash, this was a projection piece for a yearly, one night only art event in the Castleberry Hill district of Atlanta.

This work depicts couples and small groups engaged in violent encounters with each other. This video was slowed down dramatically to make the figures look somewhat like the fight is a dance and vice versa. The title of the work alos refernces a popular 80's video game that was played in a similiar 2 dimensional space. This work examines moments in our experience when our perception is askew; like when you think you see someone laughing, but in reality they are actually crying, or something that looks like a fight is actually play.

"Psychopomp", 54x100", 2009

This video is documentation of a projection and cut paper installation from a solo exhibition I had at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. It is 1 of 3 works that where shown together, each depicting a dream of a sleeping giant that was a central component to the exhibition. The title refers to a psychopomp which is a guide in the underworld that helps travelers get from one place to another. The boatman on the river Styx is an example of this. The other two works showed the giant as a younger man and a mystic that tells of his coming trials.